Drawing Democracy - the book

DRAWING DEMOCRACY is an illustrated record of democracy in action by artist and illustrator Robin Sukatorn, drawn live from scenes and events he has witnessed in person over two years in Manchester, around the United Kingdom, and on the east coast of the United States. 

The book - released 100 years from the signing of the historic 1918 Representation of the People Act - brings together over 140 illustrations of scenes of democracy, all drawn from the direct experiences and observations of the artist, accompanied by written introductions offering a unique insight into his experiences. The drawings show scenes of local democracy in Manchester, including city council meetings, political rallies, election hustings and public vigils; debates on the Queen’s Speech in the House of Commons in London and on a second independence referendum at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh; the historic Article 50 hearing at the Supreme Court in London; the Global Green Party Conference in Liverpool and the Scottish National Party Conference in Glasgow; and scenes of democracy in the United States, including pro-healthcare and pro-Trump rallies in New York and Washington DC.